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Emaar Karachi has launched booking for oversea's Pakistanis holding NICOP. For Details contact Authorized Booking Agents Emkay Consultants. Moeen 0334-3001400

Emaar Karachi Re-entered the market by launching 2 Coral Towers on 23rd December 2013 followed by 2 Reef Towers & 3 Pearl Towers on 15th
February 2014.
Both the launching's were a great success.
Will keep you all updated on the next phase being launched in near future.

Anyone interested in reserving a unit REGISTER WITH US "EMKAY CONSULTANTS" who have been appointed as an authorized booking agent of Emaar. NO COMMISSION SHALL BE CHARGED FROM THE CLIENTS. Moeen 0334-3001400

La Paraiso. Emaar Islamabad has launched La Paraiso at Emaar Cannon Views Islamabad. La Paraiso encompasses the meaning paradise holds for everyone in essence. A Spectacular specimen of colonial inspired architecture looking over the Margallas makes La Paraiso in sync with Islamabad's green city status. The building itself is a world within. A place where living with your loved ones is a regal experience. Where shopping is more than indulgence. Your dreams of settling down become a reality at La Paraiso.

A joint visit was organized by the Officials of DHA City (DCK) and Defence & Clifton Real Estate Association (DEFCLAREA).
DHA City Karachi (DCK) Brig (R) Muhammad Rafique (Project Director DCK) briefed all invitees about the update of DCK at the DCK newly constructed 3 storied building Office. In the Briefing he said that DCK plans to give possession of Sector 3, 5 & 7 latest by March 2015. All other sectors will be developed at stages and the entire project will be completed by 2020. After the briefing a visit was arranged to Sector's 3,5 & 7. It was viewed that developments were under way at the 3 Sector's. From the Charts at it can be viewed the percentage of the works completed.
Our first visit was to Sector 3 followed by Sector 5 and then Sector 7.
It was also observed that development work at the entire site was at full swing. DCK will be having 2 entry / exit points (one from the Super Highway and the other from Malir Express way {To be Constructed by the City Government}) and these entry / exit points will in future consists of 5 lane's.
It is the future Planned City of Karachi.

Authorized Projects

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Welcome To Emkay Consultants

At Emkay Consultants we provide you with all your Real
Estate requirements under one roof in a professional manner.
We offer our services for the Sale / Purchase / Rental of

  1. Plots (Residential / Commercial / Industrial Units
  2. / Flat Sites / ST Sites)
  3. Bungalows
  4. Apartments
  5. Offices
  6. Shops & Showrooms
  7. Industrial Units / Sheds
  8. Schools

The areas that we expertise at emkay consultants are

  1. Defence Residential Area

    a. Phase I, II, III (North, South, East, West, Central, Circular & Sunset Street’s, Avenue’s & Boulevard’s)

    b. Phase IV (Commercial, Gizri & Golf Course Road’s, Street’s, Avenue’s & Boulevard’s)

    c. Phase V (Kh Tauheed, Kh Tanzeem, Kh Shamsheer, Kh Janbaz, Kh Mujahid, Kh Badban, Kh Beharia, Kh Ghazi, Kh Hafiz, Kh Shaheen, Kh Shujaat, Kh Jabal & Kh Momin, “A”, “B”, “C”, “D” & “E” Street’s, & Saba Avenue)

    d. Phase VI (Kh Badar, Kh Hilal, Kh Shahbaz, Kh Sehar, Kh Rahat, Kh Muhafiz, Kh Bokhari, Kh Muslim, Kh Ittehad, Kh Amir Khusro, Kh Tariq, Kh Ghazi, Kh Hafiz, Kh Shaheen, Kh Shujaat, Kh Nishat, “F”, “G”, “H” & “J” Streets, Popular & Saba Avenue)

    e. Phase VII (Kh Badban, Kh Beharia, Kh Badar, Kh Hilal, Kh Shahbaz, Kh Sehar, Kh Rahat, Kh Muhafiz, Kh Bokhari, Kh Ittehad, Kh Saadi, Kh Rizwan, Commercial Avenue, 1st & “P” streets & Creek Lanes)

    f. Phase VII Extension (Kh Abbasi, Kh Mohammad Shaheed, Kh Aziz Bhatti Shaheed, Kh Mohammad Hussain Shaheed, Kh Zafar Shaheed, Kh Tufail Shaheed, Kh Mehfooz Shaheed, Kh Anwari Shaheed, Kh Azeem & Streets)

    g. Phase VIII (Kh Qasim, Kh Roomi, Kh Iqbal, Kh Khalid, Kh Ghalib, Kh Babar, Kh Faisal, Kh Tipu Sultan, Kh Khyber, Kh Arafat, Kh Shajjar, KhSaqib, Kh Bilal, Kh Shaheen, Kh Shujaat, , Zulfiqar Avenue, Beach Avenue, Defence Avenue, Coastal Avenue, Saba Avenue Zulfiqar Streets, Beach Streets, Defence Streets, Coastal Streets, Saba Avenue, Faisal Streets & “D” Category)

    h. Phase VIII Extension (Beach Avenue, Sahil Avenue, Sahil Central Avenue, Sahil Streets)

  2. Defence Commercial Area

    a. Phase I, II, III & II Extension (“A”, “B”, Commercial Streets, Sunset Lanes & Industrial Area)

    b. Phase IV (9th & 10th Commercial Streets)

    c. Phase V & V Extension (Zamzama Commercial, Tauheed Commercial, Stadium Commercial, Badar Commercial)

    d. Phase VI (Shahbaz Commercial, Nishat Commercial, Rahat Commercial, Ittehad Commercial, Bokhari Commercial, Muslim Commercial)

    e. Phase VII ( Jami Commercial & Sehar Commercial)

    f. Phase VII Extension (Tariq Commercial, Khalid Comercial, Ayoubia Commercial)

    g. Phase VIII (Al Murtaza Commercial, Zulfiqar Commercial, Peninsula Commercial, Iqbal Commercial & Tipu Commercial)

    h. Phase VIII Extension (Sahil Commercial)


  4. CLIFTON RESIDENTIAL (Block 1 to 9, Sahil Prominade, Shahrae Ghalib, Shahrae Firdous, Shahrae Attar, Shahrae Bedii, Shahrae Iran, Kh Saadi, Kh Jami & Kh Iqbal)

  5. CLIFTON COMMERCIAL (Block 1 to 9, Park Plaza, The Forum, Khekashan Shopping Mall, Uzma Shopping Center, Gulf Shopping Center, Ashiana Shopping Center, Clifton Center)

  6. CLIFTON FLAT SITES (Block 1 to 9)


  8. KORANGI INDUSTRIAL AREA (Sector 5 to 30)

  9. P.E.C.H.S (Block 1 to 6, Shahrae Faisal, Shahrae Qaideen, Shaheed e Millat, Tariq Road, Khalid Bin Waleed Road, Kashmir Road, Razi Road & Mahmood Hussain Road)

  10. Saddar

  11. GULSHANE IQBAL (Block 1 to 11, University Road, Rashid Minhas Road, Sir Shah Mohammad Sulaiman Road, Hasan Square, Nipa & Millium Mall)

  12. Gulistane Johar (Block 1 to 20, )

  13. NAZIMABAD & NORTH NAZIMABAD (Block 1 & 2, ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’, ‘D’, ‘E’, ‘F’, ‘G’, ‘H’, ‘I’, ‘J’, ‘K’, ‘L’, ‘M’ & ‘N’)

  14. SCHEME 33 (Ahsanabad / Railway Society / Quetta Town / MDA)

  15. GENERAL'S HOUSING SOCIETY (Zamzama & Near National Stadium)

  16. AIR FORCE & NAVAL HOUSING SCHEMES (Zamzama / Balauch Colony & Karsaz)

    We at emkay consultants have the pleasure of being selected as booking agents by builders and developers of local and international repute.

Featured Properties

Office on 2nd Floor, 26th Street, Tauheed Commercial Area Defence Phase V

Industrial Plot No: 57/A Port Qasim (Eastern Zone)

Plot No: 25/Y, 19 East Street, Phase I, DHA, Karachi Defence Phase I

Apartment No:GF-2, Seaview Apartments Defence Phase V Ext

Apartment on Askari 3, Cantt Area, Karachi Askari Apartments 3

Bungalow in Block 15, Gulistane Johar Gulistan e Johar

Office on 2nd & 3rd Floor Defence Phase VI

Bungalow on Khayabane Hafiz Defence Phase V

Bungalow on North Avenue Defence Phase I

Plot on Khayabane Ittehad Defence Phase VI

Bungalow in KDA I Extention KDA I

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